Lars Hedegaard Support Website

My colleague Diana West, a regular contributor to Lars Hedegaard's Dispatch International, just sent me this e-mail announcement:

A new site - - has been set up to keep track of news on Lars' assassination attempt and the police investigations. The site is open for comments and we are welcoming words of encouragement and support from all corners of the world. Please ask everyone to visit and express their public support.

A primary focus of the site will also be to garner support for Lars and Ingrid's work on Dispatch International - in that regard the site is offering up for sale Honest Press Certificates, numbered and signed by Lars himself, issued directly to the buyer - please see These certificates are becoming a "part of free speech history" and is a perfect vehicle for supporting one of the only newspapers in the world speaking the truth - get one now before they run out since only 1,000 has been printed.

Yesterday, Hedegaard's colleague and co-editor of Dispatch International, wrote a passionate jeremiad at the paper's website, with the self-explanatory title, "Stop Lying About Us." She opened the piece by asking,

So, are you happy now, left wing extremists and fellow journalists, now that Lars Hedegaard was very close to being killed? You who have done everything you could, seeking with your lies to smear Dispatch International as a racist and Muslim-hating newspaper, rather than telling the truth - that we are critical of the totalitarian ideology of Islam. Are you aware that it is due to your support of the ever stronger demands for the Islamization of the West that these killers can operate freely in our society?

And Carlqvist concluded with these thoughts:

If you do not stand up for the right of Dispatch International to publish a newspaper without being the targets of assassination attempts, you have no role to play in publishing. At that point we might as well shut down democracy and freedom of expression at once.

Please support these noble, remarkably courageous Western journalists.