Lake Michigan Water Level Isn't at a 'Record Low'

Chicagoans awoke yesterday to frightening news: the water level in Lake Michigan is lower than it has "ever been": The water levels of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron are lower than they have ever been, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said Tuesday. Though water levels have been below average for the past 14 years, last winter's lack of snow and the hot and dry summer are to blame for this year's record low. That kind of information is grist to the mill of global warming aficionados who scan news items regularly trying to find evidence that supports their belief.  Unfortunately for them, recordkeeping for water levels on Lake Michigan didn't begin until 1918.  That's less than 100 years ago, and planet earth has been around for at least 4.54 billion years. I have a question for climate change deniers: does "ever been" include only 100 years of earth's history, or should it include the other 4.54 billion years as well? If they can bring themselves to believe that the...(Read Full Post)