Kerry: 'Iran is a country with a government that was elected'

You might recall Chuck Hagel got reamed by the Senate committee for saying something similar. As well he should have. But, according to Josh Rogin, we better start wondering about just who Kerry thinks he's representing? "Iran is a country with a government that was elected and that sits in the United Nations," Kerry said in France standing alongside French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius. "And it is important for us to deal with nation-states in a way that acts in the best interests of all of us in the world." The comment is similar to what Hagel said on Jan. 31 when he told the Senate Armed Services Committee Iran was "an elected, legitimate government, whether we agree or not." Some might beg to differ with that assessment. The 2009 election of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was widely suspected to be rigged. His challenger, Mir-Hossein Mousavi said so at the time and Iran saw days of unrest after Ahmadinejad was proclaimed to have secured 63 percent of the vote. Vice...(Read Full Post)