It's past time for Congress to act on funding defensive measures against asteroid strikes

It's going to happen again. Rocks varying in size from tractor trailers to olympic swimming pools are going to hit the earth again and the only question will be where? Over a major city would be a catastrophe. Even the small asteroid that blew up in the atmosphere over Russia yesterday could have been a lot worse. Instead of blowing out windows and injuring more than a thousand people when it detonated over eastern Siberia, if it had happened above New York, skyscrapers would have been flattened and numerous fires would have started, killing thousands. We are the first generation of humans who actually have the capability - or at least the imagination - to identify these space rocks while they are still years away from doing us damage and take measures to prevent them from striking earth. All that's needed is the will to spend the money to make it a reality. Rand Simberg: Despite our ignorance of the threat, and despite all of the warnings we've received - from Tunguska, to...(Read Full Post)