If no deal is made, 4 in 10 say let the sequester happen

That's more than I thought would support allowing the sequester to go through, but 49% say they should delay the cuts. More ominously, only 31% would blame Obama for the sequester while 49% would tag the GOP as the culprits. Pew Survey: And if the president and Congress cannot reach a deficit reduction agreement before the deadline, 40% of Americans say it would be better to let the automatic spending cuts go into effect, while 49% say it would be better to delay the cuts. Both Republicans and independents are divided evenly over which approach is better, and even among Democrats, roughly a third favor letting the sequester take effect over any delays. The new survey, conducted Feb. 13-18, 2013 with 1,504 adults nationwide, is the first in a collaboration between the Pew Research Center and USA TODAY. It finds that, as with previous conflicts over the debt ceiling and fiscal cliff, Obama holds the upper hand politically over congressional Republicans. If there is no deficit...(Read Full Post)