Fox News and the Saudi Prince

Diana West has provided a uniquely incisive critique of Fox News' coverage of Islam -- its ongoing bowdlerization, or "Bin Talalization"-with a fascinating chronology that includes coverage of how the network reacted to billionaire Saudi "Prince" Bin Talal's rejected offer of $10 million in  assistance to "The Twin Towers Fund" during the immediate aftermath of the 9/11/2001 jihad terrorist attacks. The ongoing 12-year evolution of its coverage has not been salutary.

Here is a synopsis of her argumentation:

If we examine Fox's body of work I believe the unspoken guidelines for coverage and discussion become quite clear. As noted above, Fox News covers terrorism, war, national security. It does not cover, let alone chronicle, the introduction of sharia -- Islamic law -- into the West. It does not cover the massive ongoing Islamic movement by which the Western world is being rapidly Islamized. It does not cover what the Muslim Brotherhood calls "civilization jihad." It does not cover the disappearance of Western culture in Europe. What we know as "political correctness" probably keeps such issues off the air in the MSM, but Fox makes a point of rising above such PC. I think the news vacuum we can see on Fox is at least partly a result of News Corp.'s Saudi influence. Such influence does not serve the American public interest.

Please read the entire interview.