Former Pot Addict 'Implores' Cuccinelli Not to Legalize Marijuana

For the second time in a week, the question of legalization of marijuana in Virginia has candidate for governor Ken Cuccinelli defending his position on the matter. At a Republican Party gathering in Albemarle County featuring the attorney general, a former drug addict in the audience probed him about the issue (see video). ...the reason I'm here is to ask you about something you said last week to the Larry Sabato class about the possible legalization of marijuana. I would implore you to please never do that. And the reason is that I'm proud to be an American. When I was addicted to marijuana, smoking it every day all day long, I wasn't proud of much of anything. And it was only when I put it down and learned how to live my life without it that it came to a point that I could actually come and talk to you about it... Cuccinelli then explained the difference between states' rights and federal laws and said we should take a wait and see approach, with Colorado and Washington being the...(Read Full Post)