Despite Raul Castro retirement announcement, no changes ahead for Cuba

Before you call for an end to the embargo or shout that a new day has arrived in Cuba, please sit back and remember this about the new "change" on the island: 1) Raul Castro was "reelected" for another 5-year term; 2) His successor was picked by Raul Castro.  We don't know much about Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel- Bermudez.  All we know is that he has been a provincial bureaucrat, loyal to Raul Castro, a Beatles fan and could pass for Jose Canseco's older brother; 3) No opposition party was allowed to put up a candidate. This is because the Cuban regime does not recognize the opposition.  Everybody in Cuba is a communist and dissent results in prison.  Someone needs to tell Western reporters that especially the next time that they interview so many "happy Cubans" on the island. Is that an election? I don't think so. Why did Raul Castro decide to retire?  Nobody really knows but here are my "guesses": 1) Raul is in his 80s.  I'm sure that he'd...(Read Full Post)