Decorated SEAL and author, Chris Kyle, shot dead at Texas gun range

As many people are now aware Chris Kyle, author of American Sniper is dead. The former Navy SEAL, who recorded the most career sniper kills in US military history was killed at point blank range by a former Marine suffering from PTSD.  Kyle was a true American hero who brought fear to the enemy. The insurgents named him al-Shaitan (the devil) and placed a bounty on his head.  He leaves behind a wife and two young children.  American Thinker had the honor to interview him on two occasions and his wife, Taya on one occasion.  It was a privilege to have a relationship with Taya after interviewing her about being a military spouse.  She had commented that she loved and admired Chris. She constantly lived in fear while he was over in Iraq that he would not make it home alive.  Instead, her greatest nightmare became a reality in America.  Why do bad things happen to such good people? Chris was one of those rare individuals who devoted his life to...(Read Full Post)