Cuomo's Too Eager to Abort

At the State of the State speech, Andrew Cuomo shouted three times, "Because it's her body, and it's her choice."  His dramatic presentation was a little frightening.  He made Obama look tame.  I think Democrats are taking courses on oral interpretation from Hitler's and Mussolini's speeches.

By the way, Cuomo's yelling doesn't make it so.  A woman's body may be her body, but the child inside her is not her body.  It is hiding out there until the beneficent parent either kills it or brings it out into the light of day.  It might be her choice to kill it for convenience's sake.  It's easier.  Why not?  But to act like abortion is a moral imperative that sanctifies the mother in beneficent murder is a sad joke.

"Her body" isn't really relevant.  The question is, should we kill the body of the child?  Cuomo is now pushing for late-term abortions.  I don't think the death of a child at that stage should be her choice.  What's next?  Killing a three-month-old child and bragging that it's a woman's right to choose?  The chant that "it's her body and it's her choice" is the insistent banging of an ideological tom-tom.

A choice to murder is not an example of a free, loving society; it's the choice of a killer nation.  Cuomo looks like a savage from a grade-B horror film when he rants.  Why should he be so indignant about decent folks' desire to save a life?  Why does he get all self-righteous about murder?  Does he have any integrity, or is he just minus a sensitive brain?

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not against abortion.  I'm just against turning killing into a pretend act of kindness.  I believe in taking the guilt for your deeds.  I believe in the humility of suffering.  I believe in saying, "I'm having an abortion because I'm a creep."