China denounces report accusing it of cyberwar attacks on USA

China has been accused of sponsoring a vast cyberwar apparatus attacking the United States, and has reacted harshly. The New York Times obtained an advance copy of a 60 page report by the cyber security consulting firm Mandiant that has traced the origin of several attacks: An unusually detailed 60-page study, to be released Tuesday by Mandiant, an American computer security firm, tracks for the first time individual members of the most sophisticated of the Chinese hacking groups - known to many of its victims in the United States as "Comment Crew" or "Shanghai Group" - to the doorstep of the military unit's headquarters. The firm was not able to place the hackers inside the 12-story building, but makes a case there is no other plausible explanation for why so many attacks come out of one comparatively small area. "Either they are coming from inside Unit 61398," said Kevin Mandia, the founder and chief executive of Mandiant, in an interview last week, "or the people who run the...(Read Full Post)