Bill Clinton is an Unusually Good Liar and Hillary is No Slouch

April 14, 2008 -- politically speaking, that was eons ago.  New York Magazine ran an article by Kurt Andersen about Bill Clinton titled "Falling Out of Love with Bill."  It began by focusing on one of the former president's most visible attributes: he's a consummate liar: Bill Clinton is our great living exemplar of Sam Goldwyn's great epigram: If you can fake sincerity, you've got it made. The joke, of course, is that sincerity is supposed to be more or less synonymous with honesty-truthfulness with a buttery frosting of earnestness. And although the honesty we want our presidents to embody isn't merely (or even mainly) the literal Jimmy Carter kind ("I will never lie to you"), it's an important part of the package. Telling the truth, or not, has turned out to be a leitmotif of this election. "[Bill] Clinton's an unusually good liar," his fellow Democrat (and Hillary endorser) Bob Kerrey said of the president back around the time the First Lady was visiting postwar...(Read Full Post)