Barney Bush, former First Dog, Passes on February 1, 2013

You come to accept a Scottie as an equal as he will not accept anything less of you. His independence is tempered by a deep and abiding kinship that transcends his mere existence as a dog because he does not see himself as one. At times, he will be aloof and distant as he contemplates his place in life. At other times he will know your thoughts and feelings and shares in your disappointments and the pain of life, for if you are truly lucky he will have chosen you and be bonded with you for his whole life. For a Scottie, there is no other as they take life on their terms. Rest in Peace Old Bean, and know your time will be long though short until you hear familiar footsteps once again at the Rainbow Bridge. Connor my Scottie will keep me company and I believe we will both cherish the memories that Barney gave us while he graced the White House.  George and Laura Bush have truly lost a dear friend in you Old Bean...  (Read Full Post)