Ambush at Hilton Hollow

Wow! The commander-in-chief of the most powerful military force the world has ever seen walked right into an ambush with no cover, no concealment, and no security at the National Prayer Breakfast at the Washington Hilton. Forced to sit at the dais and suck it up while a renowned pediatric neurosurgeon from Johns Hopkins Medical School, Dr. Benjamin Carson, debunked the concept of Obamacare as well as pointing out the president's seeming indifference to the national debt, Obama did his best to smile but he simply could not suppress that droned-out expression, the one, you know, that kills.

Obama's first frown comes a few minutes into the talk when Dr. Carson uses the term, PC, for politically correct, in his discussion of how difficult it is to speak these days without offending someone's too-tender sensibilities. The doctor uses humor and evokes a laugh from the president but the presidential expression becomes somber again when Carver flat-out states that political correctness is a social evil in the way it prevents honest discourse and the exchange of ideas.

Obama continues to maintain a somber mien throughout the remainder of the speech as Dr. Carson decries the dumbing down of education in America and undermines Obamacare with the offer of a simpler, funded from birth, medical savings account, much as George Bush proposed. I may be wrong but I do not think I saw the president join in the frequent applause a single time until the conclusion of the speech. He sat there primarily stone-faced and unresponsive throughout.

Dr. Carson came across as an intelligent, self-made man of great common good sense who is neither a declared liberal nor conservative. However, that uncommon good sense and repudiation of political correctness and all those things that are wrong with this liberal-controlled country most assuredly make him a conservative thinker. To stand up there and speak his mind so openly in front of the president makes him a man of uncommon courage as well.

Want to bet Obama's praying he never gets another egg-on-your-face breakfast like this one?