Why did Harry Reid Cave on the Filibuster?

It was not because of the strength of the opposition.  If we have seen anything lately it is not a strong and formidable Republican Congress.  These hapless warriors concede on all of their ideals with a similar battle cry.  We'll get you next time!

Basically the new filibuster deal limits the time allowed for debate and gives the minority party the ability to propose two amendments to each bill.  The number of votes needed to stop discussion or to move to cloture did not change.  Harry Reid is being praised for this huge bipartisan deal.

But let's get real here, if the filibuster rules would have been changed who would have benefited?  We know the Republicans wouldn't have, they don't ever win.  Even when they are right they are wrong. 

The win for the Democrats would have only been theatrical.  Yes, they claimed that it is prudent to be aware that their party may not always be in control so therefore they would be giving this minority tool away.  This is logical.   

It has been reported that Harry Reid did not have the votes to pass this legislation even with the nuclear option.

Fox News:  Democrats said this week that they lacked the votes to force that proposal through the Senate.

What makes more sense than bipartisanship is that the center minded red state Democrats knew that without the GOP's ability to stop votes on much of President Obama's controversial agenda, they would be forced to publicly vote.  Above all else a politician considers his political future.

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