What Piers Morgan Does Not Tell You About UK Homicides

If you watched any of the recent segments by Piers Morgan on guns, you certainly came across how he proudly waves the stat that only fifty or so people are killed annually in England by guns vs. the 11,000-plus that are killed in the United States. Mr. Morgan points to Britain's tough gun laws of 1997 as the reason why the numbers are low. But there are three major problems with his proud number:      1)  If you look at page 32 of this recent UK Home Office report you will see that total Homicides in the U.K. in the years and decades before 1997, were lower than in the States. In other words, it's not as if 2,000 people were gunned down annually in England before the ban and now the numbers came crashing down to fifty a year. Their total homicide rate, by gun or knife, was for decades a fraction compared to the United States.    2) In all but one year since 1997, more people have been murdered in the UK than in 1997 (look at page 31 of the...(Read Full Post)