What does the president mean by giving everyone a 'fair shot?'

Just What is Obama's idea of a "Fair Shot?"

This is a passage we get from the Presidential website entitled Giving Everyone a Fair Shot:

So what does that mean for restoring middle-class security in today's economy? Well, it starts by making sure that everyone in America gets a fair shot at success. The truth is we'll never be able to compete with other countries when it comes to who's best at letting their businesses pay the lowest wages, who's best at busting unions, who's best at letting companies pollute as much as they want. That's a race to the bottom that we can't win, and we shouldn't want to win that race. Those countries don't have a strong middle class. They don't have our standard of living.

The race we want to win, the race we can win is a race to the top-the race for good jobs that pay well and offer middle-class security. Businesses will create those jobs in countries with the highest-skilled, highest-educated workers, the most advanced transportation and communication, the strongest commitment to research and technology.

That explains it?

Specifically what does he have in mind? More anti-discrimination laws? A better educational system geared towards real world jobs?

The same goes for "fair share." Aside  from equal pay for equal work, what more does he have in mind?

And if the President knows how to get the fair shot right why is there need for the fair share adjustment? What are the criteria that will be used to determine who has not gotten their fair share? How will it be enforced? Determining raises is a big deal in business enterprises and in many industries it is a contentious contest between employers and unions. What nifty way to ensure fairness has the President got in mind?

Does Obama know or is it just empty rhetoric that he makes sound like a portentous insight?  

All this points to the abject failure of the MSM to perform its role of investigative critical analysis. Our once vaunted free press held politicians accountable and asked hard questions of politicians and did not brook evasive answers. Now they have turned into puppy dogs wagging their tails and looking adoringly at their master. Disgusting. It also dangerous to the Republic..

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