Washington Post weeps for Gaza's children but blames only Israel

Life for Gaza's children under Hamas rule has been fairly miserable.  Responding to years of Palestinian rocket bombardments,  Israel blockaded the territory and launched counter-terrorism operations with only partial success in order to eliminate the threat.  With Palestinian terrorists deeply embedded in civilian neighborhoods and using them as rocket launching pads, some Palestinian children are bound to grow up with scars - both physical and psychological - from Israeli counter-strikes. On the other side of the Gaza border, life is not a bed of roses, either, for hundreds of thousands of Israeli children within rocket range from Gaza.  When sirens give the alert for incoming rockets, they have only seconds to dash into public shelters or "safe rooms" in their homes.  Their scars - psychological and otherwise - are just as deep and lasting as those of Gaza kids. But that's not the way the Washington Post sees it.  In a lengthy article ...(Read Full Post)