The End of the GOP?

Yesterday didn't see a solution to the "fiscal cliff.

What we saw was an artificially manufactured crisis that ensured the administration got its way with taxes while pretending to save the American middle class it is actively destroying.

Obama used the divide between "moderates" and conservatives extremely well.  His divide and conquer tactics so effectively he got his way and will probably get his way on the debt limit as well.

So much for political expediency. Congratulations, Mr. President.

But wait.  There's worse to come.

What we may well have seen is the end of the Republican Party as it is presently constituted.  The split that enabled Obama's victory may be permanent, as conservatives of all stripes can no longer support Republican leadership that has sold them out time and again, handing victory after victory to leftist Democrats.

The split in the Republican Party now appears to be irreparable.  It is hard to see how the party can hold together in any respect concerning any issue.

The outcome?

Conservatives may at last be faced with their only alternative--a third party.  They have threatened to form one time and again, but have been persuaded for the sake of the country and party unity to put their concerns and even their principles on the back burner.

That may no longer be possible, as House Speaker Boehner has not only purged conservatives but has waved the white flag of surrender.

Many disaffected have already joined the Tea Party.  Now the task is to create a coalition that will gather libertarians, fiscal and social conservatives and others who can no longer support the GOP.

It's 1860 all over again.

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