Stupid: Letting Your Opponent Define You

On January 24th, 2013, the Republican Party gathered for their winter session inviting Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal to give the keynote address. Comments from his address have flooded the internet with every kind of opinion one might expect. The whole spectrum in the rainbow, from the GOP lite to the red-blooded conservative republican, opinions are a dime a dozen right now both for and against.

In his speech Gov. Jindal said, "We've got to stop being the stupid party. It's time for a new Republican Party that talks like adults." He added, "We had a number of Republicans damage the brand this year with offensive and bizarre comments. I'm here to say we've had enough of that." Damage the Republican brand? Seriously?

Through out the past two months, since the day after the election, Republicans have sought to explain, justify or believe that their political foibles are a product of (what their opposition has already concocted for them) gaffes, rejecting minorities and protected groups, dismissing the poor in favor of the affluent or misunderstanding middle America. No. It wasn't the lack of outreach; it wasn't the gaffes or embracing social, controversial topics. I would humbly suggest they need to turn their eyes to other vital issues; the first being a fundamental transformation in the work ethic thanks to Obama propaganda; a surprising embrace of collectivism and its plenty-of-strings-attached freebies (courtesy of your hard earned money and a shameless confiscation via taxation); and finally, an obstinate refusal to recognize the true nature of what they are facing, the ultimate ideological war in our own back yards.

As a dyed in the wool, die-hard conservative (born in Honduras and damn proud to call myself an American) who believes that there has never been another country as grand, generous and blessed as America, I have a message for the Republican Party; enough of the stupidity, near-sightedness and mea-culpas. The real stupidity is to allow the opposition to define you and to adopt, sub-consciously if you will, their terms, ideologue vocabulary, re-writing of history, a new definition of "normal," demonizing of the productive sector, division of Americans into classes -  you get the point.

Someone needs to explain to Mr. Jindal, Mr. Preibus, Mr. Boehner and many Congressional Representatives that they are facing a formidable enemy, steeped in the art of propaganda, adept in the application of Alinsky's rules and firmly backed by a sycophant press corps in the tank for this out-of-the-closet progressive, divisive, mendacious, mirage of an American president. Somebody needs to explain to them that in America there are no classes, just upward mobility.

Finally, I would caution them to realize that the first thing President Obama has in his list of objectives is destroying the Republican Party and the last is saving America from economic disaster. The sooner the Republicans come out of their spell, get clarity and show some backbone the better. The sooner they realize and defend the moral value of capitalism in a free-market economy, stop the self-flagellation and craft a compelling message in the tradition of Jefferson and Reagan, the higher the chances of effectively fighting fire with fire and re-instituting constitutional law and order.

It's just a matter of self-preservation.