Sean Lowe and the First Episode of 2013's The Bachelor

Sean Lowe is one of the more controversial "bachelors" to ever appear on the hit reality television show "The Bachelor." Ironically, Sean is very popular among young women for exactly the reasons that the producers are a bit uneasy.  He is a genuinely nice guy, and the producers seem to fear that will make the show boring, but for the 26 girls invited to compete for Sean's affection, there was palpable excitement about meeting a bachelor who is also a nice man with good intentions. While a reality television show is a controversial and unconventional way of finding a mate and the show has a very poor success rate in terms of lasting relationships, the show has a devoted following among young women and men who often get together in groups to watch the show and choose favorites among the contestants for the season's bachelor or bachelorette.  The show is certainly not a formula most people would recommend for any young person, but especially not for one who, like Sean Lowe,...(Read Full Post)