Rush Limbaugh is Right: Conservative Voters Hold the Key to Victory

I made a terrible mistake in 2012: one that I don't plan to repeat.  I urged voters to cast their ballots for Mitt Romney, but the evidence that conservatives didn't want Romney was ubiquitous.  They voiced their concerns energetically, and I should have listened to them.  Now, I'm willing to concede that a responsible candidate for president can't win without enthusiastic conservative support. My logic for supporting Romney boiled down to this: roughly 50% of our fellow citizens are net takers, and they would vote to support the candidate who promised to continue pouring dollars in their direction -- i.e., Barack Obama.  I thought that a real conservative would be rejected by the masses because the net takers would rally to deny him or her the highest office in the land.  I thought that nominating someone who wasn't regarded by the takers as a serious threat to their income stream would help to keep them from going to the polls in large numbers. Many...(Read Full Post)