President Obama & Democrats made December 2012 a great month for President George W Bush

In mid-December, I got my annual Facebook Christmas card from President Bush & Mrs Laura Bush.  They look great! 

My guess is that President Bush, and Vice President Cheney, must be enjoying the headlines these days:

1) The Bush tax cuts are now permanent;

2) His "wiretapping" is no longer raping of our constitution.  President Obama just extended them and no one is marching against himRemember then Sen Clinton in 2006 speaking against them?


3) Rendition jails are alive and well.  Again, no one is marching!  In fact, renditions are the new normal under President Obama.

We always felt that history would be kind to President Bush.  I just didn't know that the Democrats would be the ones adding an exclamation point to his policies.

What's next?  Will President Obama tell us that younger workers should be allowed to "privatize" their Social Security contributions?  President Obama may do just that after he reads the latest report from the trustees.

President Bush will have a little more "zip" next April when he throws out the opening day pitch for the Rangers!  At least, he will have a bigger smile when he waves at the crowd.