Prairie chickens come home to roost for greenies

This little bird below, a grouse known as the prairie chicken, may stand in the way of Obama's wind power dreams, thanks to pending environmental rulings. It thrives on the Texas flatlands and is absolutely terrified of tall things (where hawks might be lurking). That rules out both oil rigs and wind power facilities.

Oil men are used to this sort of thing -- but it's going to drive the wind power crowd nuts and, well, how ironic that environmentalists are at each other's' throats over this. 

Thomas Lifson adds:

Just wait for the solid waste crisis when all those highly toxic hybrid car batteries reach the end of their useful life. They cost a lot of money to recycle, and somehow I suspect they won't all be responsibly handled. Just like many people who won't call in the hazmat team or follow proper procedures when a curly light bulb breaks. Or who toss them in the garbage. There are a lot of low information voters out there, after all.