Obama to take oath in private ceremony today

The more familiar public swearing in will take place tomorrow. Historically, when January 20, the day mandated by the Constitution that begins the presidential term, falls on a Sunday, there have been two ceremonies. Associated Press: Formally embarking on a second term, Vice President Joe Biden took the oath of office Sunday, surrounded by family and friends in an early morning ceremony that kicked off a day of celebrations marking four more years for the Obama administration. President Barack Obama was to be sworn in just before noon at the White House, 24 hours before re-enacting the ceremony before an expected crowd of hundreds of thousands gathered at the Capitol and across the National Mall. Biden, following a private Mass, was sworn in at the Naval Observatory. Justice Sonia Sotomayor, appointed by Obama as the first Hispanic on the Supreme Court, administered the oath of office to Biden, who placed his hand on a Bible his family has used since 1893. "I will support and...(Read Full Post)