New York city preppers missing something from their 'bug-out bags'

Cataclysmic terror attacks. Natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy. Or a nuclear Armageddon. How do you survive the collapse of law-and-order and public services - all while marauding thugs go about their work as they did after Hurricane Sandy? Interestingly, increasing numbers of New Yorkers - people from all walks of life - are not putting their faith in the Bloomberg administration to take care of them. They're instead putting together "bug-out bags," with the zeal and self-reliance found in America's red states. Recently, the New York Times ran an article about the trend and, in respect to bug-out bags, noted some bristle with myriad survival gear: "compasses and iodine pills, hand-cranked radios and solar-powered flashlights, magnesium fire-starters and a fully charged Kindle with digital road maps of the tristate region." Whoops! One critical item was missing, one that (let's be frank) any rube in Idaho or Wyoming would be smart enough pack: a gun. Or better...(Read Full Post)