Michelle Rhee on the Move: Big Media Blitz, Changes at the Top

Ever since President Obama's endorsement of her in 2008, Michelle Rhee has been upending the public school system, pushing for more federal and less local control.  Now, she and her group have embarked on a broad media marketing blitz. A January 8 Frontline documentary, The Education of Michelle Rhee, profiled Rhee's years as D.C. chancellor of schools, and her second book, Radical: Fighting to Put Students First will be released in February.  Also, StudentsFirst recently put out a report which graded all the states based on their education policies.  All of this activity as well as the exit of top personnel signals a new face for the policy organization. Frontline's promo -- "As Rhee returns to the national stage, FRONTLINE examines her legacy in Washington, DC" -- made me wonder what Rhee's future plans are.  She's never actually left the national stage, so this doesn't make sense unless she's headed for something bigger and more high-profile than being the...(Read Full Post)