Looking for the Trillion Dollar Coin's Silver Lining

It is a hope of mine that one day thousands of years in the future when our nation is long gone, there will be some consequential relic left behind to guide future archaeologists when they try to piece together the fall of the American empire; that, among our ruins, they will find a historical object that announces: America disappeared from the face of the Earth as the result of a leader named Barack Obama.

Up until recently, I never really believed such a thing could ever happen -- and then I heard talk of a Barack Obama trillion dollar platinum coin.

Don't get me wrong, I stand firmly against the idea of minting a trillion dollar platinum coin being battered around by the present Obama administration.  I think it is stupid, irresponsible, and dangerous. But, should it come to be, I would hope the trillion dollar coin contained a silver lining.  For me, the trillion dollar coin's silver lining might just be that it would serve as the historical object I have been yearning for.

As I see it, our illustrious Love Boat Captain Obama, who in reality is our Titanic Skipper, is busy steering our U.S.S. Ship of Fools straight into the spending iceberg and the bottom of the ocean.  Of course, it is not only insane trillion dollar deficit spending that is sinking us. With his reelection and new-found "mandate" to fundamentally change America, does anyone think  President Obama is not going to get his way on the raising of the Federal debt-ceiling, Amnesty, gay marriage, gun control, and the shredding of the Constitution in general?

And how would you like your new energy regulations, America? Do try our new flexible foreign policy, it is quite disarming.  Anyone for a bowl of Executive Orders? How about a third round of Presidency?

Today there exist many famous legends.  There is the legend of the Holy Grail, the Lost Ark, the Philosopher's Stone, the Spear of Destiny, Atlantis, Excalibur, and the Fountain of Youth.  If, under the leadership of President Obama we are indeed kaput, I would at least take great satisfaction knowing that in millennia hence, the legend of the trillion dollar coin would be a part of a new legends list; that futuristic Juan Ponce de Leons would seek not the fount but "the coin;" and that through the hands of fate, some archaeological adventurer would discover "the rarest coin of all time" while sifting through  what once was Washington D.C.

Upon discovery of "the coin," archaeologists would then gather from near and far and marvel at it and debate its significance. After consultation, the most renowned archaeologist among them would get on a futuristic version of our present-day TV and announce to the world they had concluded there was an undeniable connection between the trillion dollar coin and the fall of America. He would tell an anxiously awaiting planet Earth that, from the discovered evidence, in their last days, the American people were fools who paid the ultimate price. 


The famed archaeologist would then explain that the trillion dollar platinum coin was "probably the bonehead idea of all time," that the American "dollar currency" had become so meaningless that a single coin could represent a trillion pieces, and whereas the Americans claimed to have trusted in God, they instead put too much faith in the man engraved on "the coin," a leader named Barack Obama. 

My fellow patriots, please understand,  we are in a fight for our nation's very soul, and our problems go far deeper than a trillion dollar coin solution.  But should this trillion dollar platinum coin come to be, and should we lose our great nation, my silver lining would be the comfort I would find envisioning  history books 10,000 years into the future that read,  "The end of America was Obama's fault."