Jindal hits a nerve with speech before GOP governors

According to Salon, the San Francisco based webzine, Jindal gave a "tedious speech" before the Republican National Committee Thursday night and is a man who, as an Indian-American, "thinks he can help his party avoid demographic extinction as the official white party in a country that will soon be mostly non-white." Moreover, his "post racial" offering boils down to nothing more than "screw the poor, whatever their color." Salon finally dismisses Jindal's speech as a lame attempt to say "nice things about voters who aren't white" but will do nothing different from the old white men who run their party. No analysis of Jindal's resizing government remarks which are pretty powerful. This means re-thinking nearly every social program in Washington. Very few of them work in my view, and frankly, the one-size fits all crowd has had its chance. If any rational human being were to create our government anew, today, from a blank piece of paper - we would have about one fourth of the...(Read Full Post)