It's Not the 'Doctor Shortage,' Stupid, on 07 January 2013, published an article entitled, "Doctor Shortage Becoming Crisis Under Obamacare."

The sick care industry is a repair and rescue industry.

This so-called crisis is a manufactured one in the same way that there would be a "mechanic shortage" if the overwhelming preponderance of cars were so poorly built by intent that they required an obscene amount of repair.

The fundamental problems with the sick care system, for the most part, remain the quality of the protoplasm entering it, i.e., people are unfit by choice who therefore develop diseases of choice, and the combined efforts of the government and Progressive Medicine to nannify sick care, i.e., save people from themselves without allowing them the golden opportunity to truly experience the results of their behavior.

The responsible among us are forced to underwrite this last endeavor.

This is an example of the moral hazard attendant to "health insurance" and its encouragement.

Real insurance, not the pseudo-insurance of the Progressive State, works to decrease risk. Private industry creates incentives to this end.

Government and the sick care industry have no such goal. For the former, the slop in the trough from which it feeds (money separated under threat of force from some citizens) never goes dry. For the latter, it is the only game in town to receive government's aqua vitae, i.e., protection money. Cha-ching.

They may state otherwise.

The two-headed monster of government and Progressive Medicine will never catch the tail they claim to chase, no matter how big and wide it is.

There are no incentives for change among any of the players who benefit -- unfit residents, the government and the sick care industry.

Obamacare only serves to worsen the situation.

Michael Applebaum, MD, JD,, FCLM is a physician and attorney practicing in Chicago. He is medical director of The Anabolic Clinic, SC, president of FitnessMed, Inc. and established the Survive Obamacare website.