Government says schools must provide access to sports for the disabled

It's not exactly Title IX, which gave equality to women in school athletics. At present, it's only a directive. But there is little doubt that eventually, rules will be written and a new, unfunded mandate for schools will be in the offing. Reuters: U.S. schools must give disabled students the chance to compete in extracurricular sports alongside their able-bodied classmates, or else provide them with their own programs, the federal government said in new guidelines issued on Friday. The Education Department issued the directives to clarify schools' legal obligations to their disabled students, and to urge school districts to work with community organizations to "increase athletic opportunities" for them. "Participation in extracurricular athletics can be a critical part of a student's overall educational experience," said Seth Galanter, of the department's civil rights office. "Schools must ensure equal access to that rewarding experience for students with...(Read Full Post)