Gov. Cuomo, here's why your seven shot gun magazine limit is already outdated

According to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo: "Seven bullets in a gun, why? Because the high-capacity magazines that give you the capacity to kill a large number of human beings in a very short period of time is nonsensical to a civil society..." Charles Gant and Greg Lewis recently pointed out the effects of psychotropic drugs to suppress fear and enable "murderous rage" in an American Thinker article.  The cite American Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols during the Vietnam War, quoting from the extraordinary book Dispatches by Michael Herr. Gant and Lewis went on to further discuss the effect of similar drugs such as Ritalin and Adderall on restless school children with Attention Deficit Disorder. But what exactly happens -- in some detail -- when someone is in a gun battle with someone high on drugs, be it against a soldier or a home invading robber in New York or any other state? Let's start by answering the question about soldiers, particularly soldiers who opposed American...(Read Full Post)