Does President Obama want to be Abraham Lincoln or James Buchanan?

As we've heard over and over again:  Be Careful What You Wish For - You Just Might Get It. Well, President Obama got his second term, in large part due to 3-4 million "low information voters" who liked him on MTV, "The View" and bought into the narrative that their man was hip. (Read TIME's person of the year) He's also got the US economy and a few realities: 1) We have too much debt.  We can not go on borrowing 45 cents out of every dollar that we spend.  There aren't enough people in the planet to lend us that kind of money.  Let's remember that the US economy is 3-4 times larger than China.    We are going to run out of borrowers. 2) Our problem is spending not taxes, no matter how many speeches we hear about the rich paying their fair share. 3) No one is ready for Obama-Care.  It is a disaster that will wreck companies, state budgets and will become the most "hated" piece of legislation in history.  We don't have rules for...(Read Full Post)