Algeria may call for outside military help in hostage crisis (Update: 35 hostages killed in attack by army)

Algeria has been in talks for the last 24 hours with France and the US, trying to decide whether they need foreign military help to resolve a hostage crisis where al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists kidnapped up to 41 westerners at a natural gas complex. The exact number of hostages is unknown. It is believe that a sizable number slipped away and escaped, but that the terrorists still hold at least 25. Associated Press: The government was in talks throughout the night with the U.S. and France over whether international forces could help against the militants, who have said 41 foreigners, including seven Americans, were being held after the assault on one of oil-rich Algeria's energy facilities, 800 miles from the capital of Algiers. Two foreigners, one of them a Briton, were killed. The official, who was not authorized to speak publicly about the attack, said Algerian officials also contacted tribal elders among Algerian Tuaregs, who are believed to have close ties with Islamist militants...(Read Full Post)