Al Gore:The wealthy get wealthier

Academy Award winner, Nobel Peace Prize winner, false environmentalist and, oh yes, former Vice President and president wannabee Al Gore (D) has been very busy lately.  And not from huffing and puffing about climate change or some such thing.  

Fresh from a $100,000,000 profit from selling a cable network you probably never heard of--or watched--to foreign polluters who make money on oil, Gore emerged from another deal; exercising his stock options to purchase 59,000 shares of  Apple stock at $7.45 or so a share.  On Friday Apple closed at $500. Such a deal!

The late Steve Jobs invited Al Gore to sit on Apple's board.

Al Gore has just purchased a big chunk of Apple stock by exercising his Apple stock options. A filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission shows that Gore exercised options on January 15 to buy 59,000 Apple shares at the price of $7.475 a share. That means Gore paid around $441,000 for his load of Apple stock. With the shares trading just under $500 this morning, Gore's investment is now worth around $29.5 million. Gore is now wealthier than Mitt Romney (R), another failed presidential contender often castigated for his wealth by Gore's fellow Democrats.  

In the top 1% of the 1% wealth, Gore can now purchase all the environmentalism he needs.