Abandon the Constitution?

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Professor Louis Michael Seidman wrote an op-ed in the New York Times stating that we should give up the Constitution.  What he writes, Obama intends.

There is a community of opinion amongst modern progressives.  They are both fractured souls who believe that discontinuity is superior to tradition.  They want to create the world anew every day, as if free-floating values are superior to the ballast of the past.  Their ideas of a brave new world without precedent represent the cowardice of minds that can't integrate various traditions and values because they are interested more in short-term hedonism than in long-term sustainability.

The Constitution and modern ideas are like a marriage.  Modern ideas without marriage are like cuckolding a spouse; there is no loyalty, no depth, no consistency.  On the other hand, the Constitution without modern ideas is like the impotency of old age.  We need a relationship between the past and the present.  Progressive secularists respect only the present and lose the footing of the past.  Thinking only of progress leads to the regress of uprooted values.  Failure is the distinction of uprooting an apple tree, killing its roots, and yet still trying to grow apples.

Without a constitution, we open ourselves up to dictatorship.  Our president can do whatever he wants, not being grounded by the past.  When the German economy fell apart, economic chaos led to a strongman -- Hitler.  Obama prances around as a bully.  He is a dangerous weakling.

You'd have to be a fool to live in the present while disregarding the meanings of yesterday.  You'd be subject to the whims of unhinged ideas.  The president could execute his enemies at will and enslave whomever he wanted.  We need both a constitution and respect for it.  Tradition is our best insurance against the atheistic killings of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao.  Religion is the fantastic antidote to valueless murder.

Obama pretends that he is a modern man who is looking to give us our fair share, but he is a wannabe tyrant looking to uncheck his own ideas without balance and to parcel out our determined share according to his will.  Fools believe that Obama is a kind man who wants to expand our rights and lives.  He is closer to a dictator who wants to ordain our lives according to his whim.

Obama doesn't care about the Constitution because he doesn't care about us.  Our groupies love him like a rock star while he beats us over the head with his guitar and chokes us in the strings of his thoughtless progressivism.  Saying "progress" doesn't make it is so.  In fact, most of Obama's rhetoric doesn't make it so.  Obama promises us placebos, but we receive negative referendums and failed fiscal and moral policies.

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