A recipe for activism against efforts at gun control

"Obama Plans Broad Gun Control" screamed the Drudge Report headline. So what actions can a responsible gun owner take to stop this legislative insanity? There are, of course, the accepted channels of communications: email and phone calls to your two Senators and the Representative from your Congressional district. Having once worked as an idealistic political intern in a legislative office, I was flabbergasted at the utter contempt that the staff and "my" legislator held for the ordinary voters of the district.  Respect was only paid to the large financial donors and their minions.   Emails and phone calls may have a modest but fleeting effect on most ordinary Congressional votes. However, the Obama Gun Grab is not an ordinary vote. This legislation is a direct assault on the 2nd Amendment, personal firearm ownership, and certainly paves the way for the indefinite detention of disarmed undesirable political and religious opponents and their families.   So, what actions...(Read Full Post)