'A Group of White Propertied Men Who Have Been Dead for Two Centuries?'

If you haven't yet read Professor Louis Michael Seidman's recent opinion editorial ("Let's Give Up on the Constitution") in the New York Times, you should - and very carefully read it too, because it's virtually the academy's declaration of war against America. Written by one of America's leading Constitutional academics and published, moreover, in America's mainline newspaper of record, you may never expect to read anywhere a more publicly seditious notice that a state of war exists between the academy and America. The truly astonishing thing about Seidman's editorial is it signals we've already reached the academic nadir at which the cultural repository of America's custom and convention considers itself free to casually commence public hostilities against the very thing which constitutes America itself. As if the Constitution's "archaic, idiosyncratic[,] and downright evil provisions" were now a mere commonplace of progressively received wisdom. Such is the state of Constitutional...(Read Full Post)