A few reminders for Republicans for the debt limit fight

There has been much debate about the looming debt limit confronting the federal government.Not only are the Republicans and Democrats offering up different solutions but even among conservatives the debate seems to range among a wide variety of options being considered. And the enormity of the problem seems to be a subject of disagreement as well. I am offering up no new solutions here but I think a few reminders are in order. The first thing to remember is that the Republicans control the House where all spending is authorized by the Constitution. Yes President Obama won re-election in November.  But the Republicans won re-election too.  They should act like the victors that they are because they were rewarded by the American people to control the purse strings of the government.This is no time to be in prevent defense mode. The Republicans can go on offense and should not hesitate to do so. Obama says that the Congress should pay for things that they have already spent...(Read Full Post)