Well-Born' Students Have Armed Protection in Elite Schools

While elitist gun control zealots send their children to expensive private academies with armed guards and the latest state of the art security systems, regular public school students must rely on brave, unarmed teachers throwing themselves in front of deranged killers as their first line of defense. 

Using the wealth and status of parents to determine which students have the right to be protected should have every liberal do-gooder screaming for equal treatment. Instead, we have progressives like Chris Christie, Mayor Bloomberg and reporter David Gregory accusing the NRA's Wayne LaPierre of wanting to turn public schools into "armed camps" while they send their own kids to high-priced armed camps. Huh?

What about equality and fairness for all when it comes to guarding the nation's children?

Malia and Sasha Obama not only benefit from around the clock Secret Service protection, the elite school they attend, Sidwell Friends, employs special police officers  trained in the appropriate use of deadly force. Are their lives and those of other millionaire children worth more than non-elites?

It's the same story with Meet the Press host David Gregory whose kids attend Sidwell.  And how about Michael Bloomberg? His daughters went to the exclusive, well secured all-girls Spence School in New York's Upper East Side.  Rahm Emanuel, Bill Ayers, Arne Duncan, the Obamas, Valerie Jarrett and a host of Chicago insiders have sent their little heirs to the exclusive University of Chicago Lab Schools which routinely hires armed police officers as part of its security plan.

Ivy League bound youngsters in private schools across the nation are the beneficiaries of top notch security systems which almost always include armed personnel. Yet ruling class pols like Obama and Bloomberg want to deny regular folks the same security their children enjoy. Obama, with his four-year "under the radar" push against our Second Amendment rights, has no problem suggesting the underclasses put their kids in harm's way.

Why? Shouldn't a classroom with vulnerable, defenseless children be the last place liberals would try and get away with their usual double standard? Or are progressives so bent on taking away the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens they would risk sounding and acting like their eugenicist predecessors? The ones who devised one set of rules for the better stock and another for their inferiors? 

The specter of a eugenics minded ruling class is haunting the current armed guards-in-schools debate. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries wealthy philanthropists like Harriman, Carnegie and Rockefeller financially supported the movement to improve the human race. The rich used their money to fund scientists whose research would eventually lead to federal sterilization and abortion laws aimed squarely at the lower classes.

For over 100 years this toxic elitism has poisoned the liberal mindset to the point where we now have millionaire politicians and journalists hardly batting an eyelash at their own conscience-less calls for public school kids to be sitting ducks for madmen while paying tens of thousands to protect their offspring in educational fortresses. 

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