Sacramento Mayor Fined for Yet More Financial Violations

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson just can't seem to keep his financial house in order.  Four years ago he was fined, but not sent to jail, for stealing AmeriCorps funds to pay workers to help with election activities and to wash his car, among many other abuses.  Now a watchdog group has revealed that Johnson didn't report $3.5 million in behests, within the legal time limit, from well-known foundations and corporations in connection with his arena task force and education reform initiatives. From the Sacramento Bee: The state's political watchdog group announced Monday it had fined Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson $37,500 for failing to report millions of dollars in donations he solicited for various nonprofit organizations, including his task force charged with developing a financing plan for a new basketball arena. The California Fair Political Practices Commission said it found 25 cases in which Johnson failed to report what are called behest payments -...(Read Full Post)