Newtown, Connecticut: The Need For An Alternative Definition of Hero

Newtown, Connecticut is the most horrible catastrophic tragedy one can imagine. The nation, rightly, is in agony over bright-eyed promise gunned down with evil, maniacal, precision. Predictably, the rushes to judgment didn't wait until the little bodies were cold. Aside from the odious ersatz tut-tutting blaming an inanimate object for a deranged human's animus was the media's forcing of the politically correct narrative upon a sleepy Connecticut grade school. Let me be very, very clear: From all reports the school's professionals did everything possible to protect and shield their charges from the mad apocalypse of Adam Lanza. They did the best they could with what they had. Tragically, what they had wasn't enough. There was Principal Dawn Hochsprung, who reportedly flung herself at the gunman. Her incredibly brave resolve was not matched by the bullets that tore her to death. Then there was Mary Sherlach, the school psychologist who joined Hochsprung in trying to...(Read Full Post)