Michigan - yes, Michigan - will be a right to work state

A near riot broke out at the Michigan state capitol building in Lansing yesterday when the GOP House and Senate passed right to work legislation. Enraged union activists scuffled with police but to no avail. With backing from Governor Rick Snyder, Republicans put a big dent in union power in the state. USA Today: In an audacious flex of political muscle, Republicans in a single day reached the brink of a goal that for years has seemed an all-but-impossible dream: making the labor bastion of Michigan a right-to-work state. The GOP majority used its superior numbers and backing from Gov. Rick Snyder to ramrod legislation through the House and Senate on Thursday, brushing aside denunciations and walkouts by helpless Democrats and cries of outrage from union activists who swarmed the state Capitol hallways and grounds. At one point, police used pepper spray to subdue demonstrators who tried to rush the Senate chamber. "Shame! Shame on you!" protesters chorused from the ...(Read Full Post)