Michael Mann vs. NRO and Mark Steyn: It's Time to Rumble

National Review Online (NRO) is currently running an ad/article explaining that Professor Michael Mann, the creator of the highly questionable "hockey stick" graph that global warming alarmists latched onto to pummel the entire world with dour warnings about the effects of man-made CO2 emissions on life as we know it, is suing NRO and Mark Steyn for defamation of character: Let me recap: A lawsuit has been formally filed by Professor Michael Mann against National Review and Mark Steyn. You know Mann: The Penn State academic and self-proclaimed (and bogus) Nobel Peace Prize awardee best known, famously and infamously, for the "hockey stick" graph that allegedly proves that recent years were the hottest on record for more than a millennium. Of course, he is also known for the scandal about embarrassing e-mails, pried out of the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit. According to Thomas Richard at examiner.com, The suit...(Read Full Post)