Mayor Bloomberg's double standard on the availability of lethal objects

Yossi Gestetner writes that he enjoyed my blog yesterday commenting on Mayor Bloomberg's contrasting reactions to deaths by gun violence and death by violence involving trains. In the case of the former, Little Big Gulp (as Selwyn Duke has named him) does not hesitate to blame the availability of the inanimate object. But when it comes to trains, the Mayor pleads for "perspective," while avoiding the risks involved with the presence on New York's streets and subways of as many as 11,000 psychotic individuals, with easy access to trains.

So Yossi did a little research and discovered on his blog Gestetner Updates:

How many people are killed each year in NYC by train? Well, 54 New Yorkers committed suicide via train in 2011. I don't have the total of other train/rail-related deaths for 2011, but below is a detailed list of at least 36 trail/rail-related deaths in New York City that took place throughout 2012. It includes suicides, falls or pushes:

21 death by March 26.

One early April

One on May  16,

One on June 11-12

One on June 9

One June 21

One on July second

One on July 11

One on August 30

One on September 11

One on September 14

One on October 23

One on October 25

One early December (NY Post Photo)

One on December 27

BTW, in the four years of Obama's presidency, at least 113 people were killed in mass shootings through the United States. This is an average of 28 mass shootings deaths per year for all of the US. By comparison,  113 per year are stabbed to death in NYC alone!