Hugo Chavez names successor after admitting the cancer has returned

What many people suspected during the election campaign that saw Hugo Chavez re-elected turns out to be true. Chavez's cancer has re-emerged and he feels it necessary to name a successor. He spoke to the nation (video here -- hat tip: David Paulin) on the subject. Reuters: Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez returns to Cuba on Sunday for more surgery after a recurrence of cancer led him to name a successor for the first time in a sign the disease may force an end to his 14-year rule. Supporters prepared to gather in city squares across the South American country, shocked and saddened by the news from the 58-year-old socialist leader, who made the announcement in a late-night broadcast on Saturday from the presidential palace. In the clearest indicator yet that Chavez's health problems could spell an end to his tumultuous years at the helm of the OPEC nation, he said supporters should vote for Vice President Nicolas Maduro if a new election had to be held. "It is absolutely...(Read Full Post)