Hate crimes, the media, and the Obama administration

Are the Obama administration and mainstream media (or is that one in the same?) fostering hate against Christians? It appears so.

From FrontPage Magazine:

Quick, gather your children and household pets, the sweeping wave of Islamophobia that is forever sweeping our nation still remains mostly non-existent. The FBI's hate crimes statistics actually show a slight decrease in anti-Muslim hate crimes, but a significant increase in anti-Catholic hate crimes, which jumped from 4.2 percent to 5.2 percent.

Anti-Protestant hate crimes rose from 3.3 percent to 3.7 percent. Hate crimes targeting atheists fell from 0.5 [percent] to 0.3 [percent].

It seems as if last year [2011] people began hating Catholics again. And one might speculate that this rise might have something to do with the ObamaCare debate and Obama's assault on religious freedom.

Do you see much coverage of anti-Christian hate crimes in the mainstream media? Not really. And what about the media's treatment of the war on Christmas?

From a Dec. 12 news release of the Catholic League:

MSNBC madman Lawrence O'Donnell says the war on Christmas has a 'body count' of 'zero.'....O'Donnell is right to say that this war has a body count of zero. The same is true of the alleged war on women-no one has died in the battle over who should have to pay for Sandra Fluke's contraception....

Of course, many have died as a result of Isla-oh wait, that's not a politically correct thing to say. My bad.