Expected liberal behavior on display

Nothing demonstrates liberal hypocrisy and opposition to their stated respect for diversity of views as the gross disruptions at the National Rifle Association's news conference yesterday.

An oft vulva costumed Code Pink female leftie shrieked the usual anti gun nonsense about the NRA killing our kids, which ignored that a kid himself, with a history of anti social behavior, not the NRA, killed other unarmed kids and unarmed school faculty. Displaying progressive diversity and balance, a male shouted his nonsense several minutes earlier. Obviously expecting this, guards quickly removed them and the conference resumed.


Whether it is the NRA, pro-Israel programs on campus or elsewhere, Tea Party members decrying taxes or any gathering which differs from the left's narrative, trouble causing liberals with their totalitarian behavior appear. My way or no way is their aparent motto.

But is the opposite true? How often to proponents of the preceding disrupt their ideological opponents? Sure they happen...occasionally. But not with the frequency, regularity or intensity as fomented by the left.

And that says everything about liberalism and their holy trinity of diversity, pluralism and multi culturalism.