End Runs Could Tame Obama

After four years of Barack Obama's presidency, we well know what to expect from the next four years. We know how he "governs," to the extent that he governs at all: When he's in Washington and not otherwise engaged on the golf course, he invites his supporters to the White House for meetings. And the rest of the time, he's on the campaign trail, taking his proposals "to the people" in certain, select areas that voted heavily for him. Almost unanimously for him, in fact. All of this "governance" is given ample air time by the White House public relations media, formerly known as main stream media, which, along with the president and Democratic leaders, ridicule, demonize, and diminish his "opposition" in every way conceivable.

Obama's style of presidential "leadership" in relation to Congress is to talk on the phone with Congressional leaders every six months or so, while his preferred m.o. is to ignore Congress' constitutional mandate to "legislate" by making end runs around them. He issues executive orders and regulates everything he (or his "assistant" Valerie Jarrett) can think of to regulate through his scores of appointed "czars."

He seems unstoppable in his quest for complete control of every aspect of our lives.

But there is a way out of this and the president has shown us what that way is: End runs.

As Newt Gingrich never tires of pointing out: The House of Representatives holds the purse strings. The House is majority Republican and the House needs to unfund, de-fund, and refuse to fund the president's ridiculously destructive orders and regulations and even his signature legislation, the sadly misnamed "Affordable Care Act," which was rammed through Congress against the will of the majority of Americans and with not one single Republican vote. And the Republican governors of the several states need to arm themselves with the 10th Amendment and refuse to comply with any federally mandated rule or regulation that impacts the citizens of their states adversely.

The president of the United States is not an absolute ruler; he is not a king. His is one of three branches of government. His position is that of an elected official who, ostensibly, represents ALL the people. Barack Obama has not fulfilled that duty, but has chosen, instead, to represent only the people who contribute to his endless campaigns and those who vote for him; in this, he has made himself irrelevant to the governing process of the United States.

It is time for those with the power, the will, and the intelligence to govern this nation responsibly as the Constitution provides to stand up and do it. It is time to take back America.

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