Dem Senators objecting to medical device tax

Coincidence or malpractice?  The US media is now reporting daily about all of the "terms and hidden costs" of ObamaCare, known as The Affordable Health Care Act. Calling ObamaCare the AHCA is like nominating Ozzie Gulllen to teach an anger management class. We just learned yesterday that many Democratic Senators want to change one of the tax increases"Now, Minnesota's two Democrat Senators, Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar, are using "Republican" terminology to delay the 2.3% medical device tax scheduled to take effect on January 1st. For these Senators, the tax, which is supposed to raise $28 billion over the next decade to fund the law, is now a "job-killing tax" that will not only cost jobs but make it more difficult for American medical device manufacturers to be competitive and innovative.

It turns out Senators Franken and Klobuchar have been enlightened of these facts by medical device companies in their home state of Minnesota; they've joined 16 other Democrat Senators who now share the same view. In a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, these Senators have asked for a delay in the medical device tax, but they are actually aiming for a full repeal of this part of the law."

My first question is a simple one:  Did these Senators read the bill?  Are they seriously telling us that they learned about this tax now?  What are all of these staffers doing with their time?

My second question is to US media:  Where in the hell were you?

We have just witnessed the most incredible display of media incompetence in recent US history.  The US media was willing to sit in the bleachers and fail to report the 9-11 tragedy in Libya and now the ObamaCare surprises.

Why didn't the media confront Pres BO about health care and the costs?  Why was he given a pass on all of this?

Before you get really mad, and I am mad, let's look at the bright side. There is a silver lining to this mess:  ObamaCare may collapse of its own weight, especially after Democrats come to terms with the reality that European-like entitlements come with European-like taxes!